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Want you Learn How To Swim?Learning to swim laps can help improve body strength and endurance.Learn how to swim with the swimming lessons in these application videos.In this application we will help you to learn step by step How to Swim:
1- How to Do the Front Crawl / Freestyle Swimming Stroke 2- 3 Swimming Drills to Improve Freestyle Stroke 3- How to Breathe during a Front Crawl Swimming Stroke 4- How to Do the Crawl Kick Swimming Stroke 5- How to Swim Faster 6- How to Flip Turn while Swimming Freestyle 7- How to Do the Back Crawl / Backstroke Swimming Stroke 8- 3 Swimming Drills to Improve Your Backstroke 9- How to Do the Butterfly Stroke 10- 2 Swimming Drills to Improve the Butterfly Stroke 11- How to Breathe during the Butterfly Stroke 12- How to Kick in the Butterfly Stroke 13- How to Do the Breaststroke 14- How to Move Arms for Breaststroke 15- How to Do a Breaststroke Kick 16- How to Breathe during the Breaststroke 17- 2 Breaststroke Drills for Arms 18- 2 Breaststroke Drills for Kicks 19- 3 Breaststroke Tips 20- How to Turn & Push Off Wall with Breaststroke 21- How to Swim Underwater 22- Head-High Freestyle & Tarzan / Lifeguard Approach Stroke 23- How to Do the Corkscrew Swimming Stroke 24- How to Swim Feet First 25- How to Do the Swimming Technique Sculling 26- How to Dog Paddle 27- How to Do Triathlon Swimming Techniques 28- How to Swim Laps 29- How to Do the Deadman Float aka Jellyfish Float
Download it for free! and Start learn the basic strokes, and then move on to more advanced techniques when youre ready.
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